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CM Kondakov, Adrian
This Chess Club is: Professional, Anti-Cheating Compliant, Hard-working and Innovative!!! The Team has immediately reacted to the COVID -19 situation and came out to the chess "market" with some innovative ideas. Their tournaments were like "first aid" and saved me during COVID-19 Lock-down times! Thank you for all your tournaments and camps!!! Can not be more grateful. I got a chance to play/compete! with/ learn from the WORLD's top chess professionals. I will continue to play online at this club's amazing tournaments, and I will surely consider to attend your other-the-board Tourneys, despite some distance to fly. THANK YOU, ans DEEP RESPECT, PNWCC!!!

WGM Doluhanova, Evgeniya
I enjoy to be part of this event and I like that WGM can decide to play under 2400 section and fight for a prizes or main tournament and play against very strong GM

WGM Huda, Maryana
They organize great events, where all players have a possibility to play some serious chess with slow time controls, and they do have the same good blitz events as well with time increment, and every time they do attract a lot of outstanding players as participants. Great job!

FM Porter, Ryan W
It's almost unbelievable how many strong players they are able to attract to their tournaments. I just played in a weekend tournament in which over half of the 30 players in the top sections were GMs! This was a great opportunity for me to gain experience in a tournament that was also run very smoothly.

IM Murzin, Volodar
The organizers had a good tournament, played with strong grandmasters and gained experience, did a good job!

IM Muradli, Mahammad
Everything is normal

Liu, Richard
These are my first online tournaments, and the friendly setup instructions and formatting makes me want to get back into playing tournaments

Zhang, Brian
I am a regular player for G45 and G60. The tournaments gave me amazing experiences to play with so many strong players. I learned a great deal in a very short period of time. All the tournament were well organized and closed monitored to eliminate any unfair behavior. I think PNWCC has offered many young players the opportunity that they can never have elsewhere.

FM He, Anthony Bi
PNWCC has made it possible for motivated players in the USA to play strong GM's around the world in seriously organized events with plenty of fair play regulations. Even though these events are not USCF/FIDE/OTB rated, they still helped improve! They also organize fun and creative events such as the Jackpot Blitz and Bullet Team Championship. I hope PNWCC can eventually organize some FIDE hybrid events that are FIDE rated. I am confident that the management team of PNWCC can make it happen!

Shi, Ted
I have participated in Blitz, G45, G60. I like Blitz more since it leaves me more time to do other things. I hope in the future there will be more Blitz tournaments. I will continue to participate in PNWCC events.

GM Xiong, Jeffery
Xuhao and his team have done an excellent job organizing many high quality tournaments and camps, especially during the pandemic period. They represent the future of chess event organization! Go PNWCC! Keep up the good work!

Lin, Leo Fanyue
Great organizer! The quality of the tournaments are really high. With strict supervision requirement, they spent great effort to ensure the fairness of the games, which is very important for online players. Also, timely responce from the TD made the communication very smooth and effective. The result are posted right after every tourny which shows the high efficiency of the team. The variaty of the touranment covers the players in each level. Good Job!

Vega, Isaac
Playing chess at PNWCC has been an amazingly outstanding chess experience. As a 1900 former 2000 who strives to obtain a chess title someday, PNWCC has given me plethora of opportunities to grow immensely as a chess player by many strong tournaments to play far up and offer lots of classes by top GMS to enhance my chess understanding and knowledge significantly. I hope there will be more tournaments like the format section for PNWCC WOW for 1900s/2000+ to play up against title players and perhaps more tournaments like the Expert G75 except with more spots for 1900/2000+ players since currently it's limited to first come first serve which is not enough time to register, since these tournaments are really popular among players my rating group. My favorite events are the PNWCC FIDE opens playing at master section with the rule only few play up spots and the opportunities to win a spot in master section by winning a lower section. More chances like this would be super fantastic.