Play & Support Team USA - FIDE Olympiad Warm Up Rapid
Organized By Pacific Northwest Chess Center | Saturday, July 25, 2020 14:01 Pacific Daylight Time | Completed

Event Info
Organizer : Pacific Northwest Chess Center
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Description : Come play a 5-round rapid tournament on with time control of G/15;+5 to help team USA prep for the FIDE Online Olympiad starting next week. GM Wesley So, GM Jeffery Xiong, GM Sam Shankland, GM Ray Robson and WGM Anna Zatonskih have confirmed participation. Free entry for GM/WGM and $50 for other players. PNWCC will cover the fees and prizes and all entry fees collected will be used to support team USA. If you donate $200 or more EXTRA, you get free entry to PNWCC Maters - Artist Point. Team USA players will not play each other. If we have more than 100 players, accelerated pairing will be used to keep the event competitive. Prizes - $400-$300-$200-$100-$50-$25-$25-$25-$25-$25. Class prizes for players with legitimate USCF rating - $50 for best U2400, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600. All PNWCC Fair play rules apply (see flyer) - no restroom use allowed during the game. Check in required - check-in phrase on this page. If you can't play the event but still like to help team USA directly, contact us at 
Event Address :,,WA 98034
Prize Fund : $1,500
Status : Completed
Event Type : Open
Rating Type :
Use Max(OTB,Online) Rating 4 Pairing :
Time Control : Rapid [G/15;+5]
Pairing Rule : Swiss
Rounds : 5 [Each sections may have differen number of rounds]
Norm Event :
Require Check In :
Charity Event :
Donation Cause : Donate Extra to Team USA! (Donate $200 extra get free entry to PNWCC Artist Point)
Suggested Donation : $25.00
Total Seats : 200
Event Time Zone : Pacific Daylight Time
Dates : Saturday, July 25, 2020 2:01 PM ~ Saturday, July 25, 2020 1:00 PM
Schedule Info : 9:00 - 9:50 - 10:40 - 11:30 - 12:20 PST/Seattle Time
Registration : Register by Saturday, July 25, 2020 8:00 PM
Entry Fee : Due on registration
Misc Info : Check-In Phrase - I know round start at 9:00AM PST and I will play fairly by following all PNWCC Rules!

Zoom and Skype Links
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Sections and Entry Fees
Name Details
5 Rounds | 1 Byes | Rapid Time Control | Rated | Swiss Pairing
$400-$300-$200-$100-$50-$25-$25-$25-$25-$25. Class prizes for players with legitimate USCF rating - $50 for best U2400, U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600
Entry Fees
$0.00 [ & FIDE Title = GM ]
$0.00 [ & FIDE Title = WGM ]
$50.00 [ ]
0 Rounds | 0 Byes | Other Time Control | Other Rated | Swiss Pairing
We have issues with PayPal - thank you for your willingness to support team USA! Please register first and then send your donation to with a note of player name and we will confirm your donation manually.
I can't play the event - just want to support team USA!!!
Entry Fees
$0.00 [ ]