GM Aagaard - IM Prep (2200+, 1 week, 15 hours)
Organized By North America Chess Hub | Monday, August 09, 2021 09:30 Pacific Daylight Time | Completed

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Organizer : North America Chess Hub
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Event Address : NACH,Zoom,WA 98074
Prize Fund : $0
Status : Completed
Event Type : Group Lesson
Rating Type : USCF+FIDE
Time Control : Classical []
Pairing Rule : Swiss
Rounds : 5 [Each sections may have differen number of rounds]
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Total Seats : 18
Event Time Zone : Pacific Daylight Time
Dates : Monday, August 9, 2021 9:30 AM ~ Friday, August 13, 2021 12:45 PM
Schedule Info : 10:30 AM – 1:45 PM on Aug 9-13 (3 hours with a 15 min break each class)
Registration : Register by Monday, August 9, 2021 9:30 AM
Description : World renowned trainer and popular chess author, GM Jacob Aagaard will offer an intensive camp (3 hours per day, total 15 hours) for the week of Aug 9th to the 13th for USCF 2200+ players, with the goal to break through FIDE 2400 and become an FIDE International Master. Gold member gets 15% off.

We offer spectator options to U2200 players. If spots are still available after July 2th, we will allow camp up for USCF 2100 players for 10% extra fees.

In GM Aagaard's own words -

From August 9th – August 13th, I will host a camp for players wanting to break out and make the IM-norms and the title a reality.

In order to do this, we are taking a starting point in YOUR games. Send up to 10 games at least 2 weeks in advance. Based on the submissions from all the participants, I will identify the main parts of your games that you need to improve on and provide clear training paths forward.

For this reason, I cannot tell you right now what the content of the camp will be. I have a lot to say and will design the camp entirely according to your needs, with at least 5 different themes covered over the 5 days and clear structured study plans for how to work on these areas after the camp, delivered to all participant in a PDF booklet.

There will be homework for each lesson. I will send out ten sheets of 6 positions, that I will ask you to spend 30-45 minutes on before each lesson. Please do not check the solutions with computer programmes in advance of the lessons, as the process for solving the positions is what is important, less than the solutions themselves. The deadline for delivering homework is the evening before the class. I will mark the homework and return it so you can have a chance to look at it again briefly before the class.

Spectators can send 1-2 games and submit solutions to the exercises, but the focus will be on the target audience.

See you at the camp!

GM Jacob Aagaard

Misc Info : 1. Peak rating and higher of online/OTB rating can be used for qualification.
2. USCF 2100+ player have option of camp up if spots still available after July 13th.
3. Spectators option available for U2200 players. Spectators will attend live lesson and get assigned homework and homework will be graded. Spectators do not answer/ask questions.
4. No offline lesson video for download. Streaming possible for missed lesson. 5. Instead, homework with answers, and part of the lecture materials will be provided as PGN file after camp. 6. Week by week partition possible - $750/week for NM and $500/week for spectators.

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Sections and Entry Fees
Name Details
10 Rounds | 0 Byes | Classical Time Control | USCF+FIDE Rated | Swiss Pairing | 12 Seats
Entry Fees
$520.00 [ & Higher of FIDE/USCF[OTB|OLN] Rating 2200 - 9999 & NACH Gold Member ]
$520.00 [ & NACH Gold Member & USCF Title = NM ]
$600.00 [ & USCF Title = NM ]
$600.00 [ & Higher of FIDE/USCF[OTB|OLN] Rating 1900 - 9999 ]
$600.00 [ & FIDE Title = WIM ]
10 Rounds | 0 Byes | Classical Time Control | USCF+FIDE Rated | Swiss Pairing | 6 Seats
Entry Fees
$400.00 [ & USCF Regular Rating 1800 - 2199 & NACH Gold Member ]
$450.00 [ & Higher of FIDE/USCF[OTB|OLN] Rating 1800 - 9999 ]