PNWCC Blitz - Jackpot 24 on (rescheduled)
Organized By Pacific Northwest Chess Center | Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time | Event state: Completed

Event Info
Organizer : Pacific Northwest Chess Center
Flyer Link : Club Link : Tournament Url :
Google Calendar Link : Click here for the event calendar
Live Game Link :
Event Address :, Online, WA 98034
Prize Fund : $1,500
Status : Completed
Event Type : Open
Rating Type :
Use Max(OTB,Online) Rating 4 Pairing :
Time Control : Blitz [G/3;+2]
Pairing Rule : Swiss
Rounds : 12 [Each sections may have different number of rounds]
Norm Event :
Require Check In :
Charity Event :
Total Seats : 2000
Event Time Zone : Pacific Daylight Time
Dates : Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:00 AM ~ Sunday, June 13, 2021 12:15 PM
Schedule Info : Round 1 starts at 10:00 AM. Following rounds will start immediately without break. Time in PDT/Seattle time.
Registration : Register by Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:00 AM
Entry Fee : Due on registration
Member Discount :
Membership Type Discount
PNWCC 6-month Membership (Bronze) 20%
Fair Play Rules : By registering for a PNWCC chess event, players agree to follow the fair play agreement terms in accordance with maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and fair play during my online chess games.

Players who break the agreement will face forfeiture of their games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by PNWCC,,, and US Chess.

  • I promise to follow the US Chess rules while playing my games (no communication with other players, etc)
  • I promise to not use a cell phone, chess engine, or seek any kind of outside assistance during my games.
  • I promise to follow the enhanced fair play rules in PNWCC online tournament.
    • I will use the program ZOOM in order to be monitored via webcam.
    • I understand that my games may be checked by and’s Fair Play team for signs of fair play violations.
    • The games of all prize winners will be certified by PNWCC's Fair Play Committee and/or's Fair Play Review Team.
    • PNWCC has the sole right to interpret the results of the online tournament games.
    • If my online account(s) get closed due to fair-play violations, I will have to return all the prize money I earned from PNWCC events, regardless if I violated the fair-play rules in the PNWCC events or not. If I do not return the prize money, PNWCC can publicly announce that my account gets closed for fair-play violation.
Description : An 12-round, 3+2 blitz on with many GM’s from around the world to compete in one section for the Jackpot Prize of $2,000 with perfect score. Event is blitz rated only. blitz rating will be used for pairing. Must register on NAChessHub - and join ZOOM with video and audio to qualify for prize. Event is both and USCF online rated.
New - We change the prize structure for the new Jackpot series -
- Perfect score $2000 prize - Jackpot 2.0!
- No more points based prize. Prize will be based on the number of registered players
1st place - $2.5/Registered Players
2nd place - $2/Registered Players
3rd place - $1/Registered Players
4th place - $0.75/Registered Players
5th place - $0.5/Registered Players
6th - 10th - $0.25/Registered Players

So -
if we have 100 registered players, the prize will be - $250-$200-$100-$75-$50-$25-$25-$25-$25-$25
if we have 200 registered players, the prize will be - $500-$400-$200-$150-$100-$50-$50-$50-$50-$50
if we have 300 registered players, the prize will be - $750-$600-$300-$225-$150-$75-$75-$75-$75-$75
if we have 1,000 registered players, the prize will be - $2500-$2000-$1000-$750-$500-$250-$250-$250-$250-$250

Streaming is allowed with following restrictions -
1. No text chat
2. Must join zoom with an angled camera on a separate device

Entry Fee -
1. Free Entry for GM/WGM
2. IM - Free three weeks before event starts then $5
3. Others - $10
4. Entry fee goes up 50% one week before the event
Misc Info : New Rule - To qualify for prize -
1. Must register on NAChessHub -
2. Must join ZOOM with angled camera, video and audio and share desktop
3. account must show real name and title

Zoom and Skype Links
Only registered & paid players can see the links. Please Login or Register to see the ZOOM and Skype Info

Sections and Entry Fees
Name Details
12 Rounds | 0 Byes | Blitz Time Control | Rated | Swiss Pairing | 200 Seats
One section for all
prize is based on the number of players registered. Check the event description.
Entry Fees (USD)
$0.00 [ & FIDE Standard Rating 2500 - 9999 ]
$0.00 [ & FIDE Title = WGM ]
$0.00 [ Before 5/16/2021 10:00:00 AM & FIDE Title = WIM ]
$0.00 [ Before 5/16/2021 10:00:00 AM & FIDE Title = IM ]
$0.00 [ & FIDE Title = GM ]
$5.00 [ & FIDE Title = IM ]
$5.00 [ & FIDE Title = WIM ]
$10.00 [ Before 5/16/2021 10:00:00 AM ]
$15.00 [ ]